When setting up an online bookkeeping business or trying to make an existing business more profitable and efficient, you should have a clear roadmap to follow. Otherwise, it can take a lot of your time and money to set things on the right track. We created Bookkeepers’ Road Map, a short, free course to help you avoid the guesswork and show you exactly what you should do if you want your business to explode. BookkeeperQuote included tools, workflows and practices you should involve in order to build a successful bookkeeping business. Here is a preview of what you can learn in this mini-course.

What to Charge: Pricing Strategy for Bookkeepers

Trying to figure out how much you should quote for your services can consume a lot of your time. Charging an hourly rate, on the other hand, can make you either under-price or over-price your services. Instead, we highly suggest you charge what you are worth.

Jason Blackman, of BookkeeperQuote, will guide you through a short video on the pricing strategy. We have a solution when it comes to quoting and have ready-made contracts you can send to your clients. Sign up for one of our packages, do your best to offer value to your clients, and our software will make sure both sides are happy with the final price.

Road Map

We outline the steps that need to be taken in order to establish a successful bookkeeping business, have fun doing it, and increase your income at the same time. This short guide covers advice about branding, tools, legal documentation, advertising and marketing, and much more. You can also become a member of our Facebook group where Abby Anderson, founder of BookkeeperQuote, shares useful tips and guidance with the exclusive members.

Tax Calculator 2020/2021

We wanted to make things as simple as possible for you. Although this is an annoying part, you can’t ignore it. This worksheet can help you accurately calculate taxes on your Clients’ income as it is updated according to the latest rates and rules. This also gives your Client advanced notice on what Tax to expect to pay. This just adds value to the service you offer.


Our Bookkeepers’ Road Map can help you systemise your business and spend about 20% less of your time on client work. We have gone through different workflows over the years and saw for ourselves what worked and what didn’t. Don’t waste your time, learn from our experience – download our freebie today!

BookkeeperQuote is software that can provide your clients with a quote for your services within minutes. Intuitive, affordable, but above all flexible and efficient, this tool also integrates with Quickbooks and Xero. This means one thing – you will do more and get more in less time. You can register free of charge today or contact us for more info and we will be glad to answer any of your questions.