No matter whether your clients sell legal advice or handmade soaps, they need you to help them keep a record of their finances. That means you are handling everything from making sure their business is aligned with the law to sending out invoices, processing paychecks and much more.

These are the basics of any bookkeeping business. Can you identify what makes your practice different than other bookkeeping practices? If someone asked you what is your unique selling point (USP), what would you tell them? What makes your offering special and are you more than a bookkeeper?

Can you identify with any of the following statements?

  1. I keep track of all sales and purchases my clients make.
  2. I make sure my clients are always prepared for tax.
  3. I keep accounts payable and manage bank fees.
  4. I prepare the books for accountants.

Of course, you can! These are some of the things a client expects their bookkeeper to handle. However, what else can you say about your business? Why would a client choose you over other bookkeeping firms out there? Clients nowadays hear the same boring salesy language, over and over again, which is why many bookkeeping businesses are not progressing.

If you are not winning new clients or you want to win more, you should have a USP. Not having one will make your business suffer. Always provide an added value to your clients. This will set you apart from the crowd right away.

Try to find and promote a unique perceived benefit – something your clients will recognise right away and stay with you for that reason. Instead of focusing on selling to them, try to get their attention on the benefits they will get from working with you.

Some examples of how you can prove to your potential clients you are more than just a bookkeeper.

1. Introduce Your Team to the Client

You don’t have to literally bring everyone to the meeting. But it would be great to mention some of the team members, their area of expertise and experience. This will help the client get a better impression of who they are working with and help you change your usual sales pattern.

2. Explain How You’ll Reduce Their Costs

You don’t want to give your client the impression that your services will only add to their overall costs of running a business. Business owners want to reduce their costs, which sometimes includes employing fewer people. This is where you come in. If you explain how they can keep salaries and wages under control and reduce their costs, you will get them drawn in easily.

3. Let Them Know Which Technologies You Are Using

Let your potential clients know you are using the latest technologies to monitor their business performance and make running their business as stress-free as possible. Get the most out of add-on services, cloud packages and software that can help you all achieve better efficiency.

Speaking of technologies, have you heard about BookKeeperQuote – bookkeeping quoting software that tailors your prices to the individual client? Instead of struggling with how much to charge, this software can help you charge what you are worth and maximise your profits.


Strive for perfection. Make your clients an offer no one else on the market can offer them. Instead of telling them stories they’ve heard a million times before, do your best to let your clients know that you, as a bookkeeper, understand the challenges they are facing, and that you know how to tackle them. And, when it comes to challenges you are facing when charging for your services, contact us today about our expert quoting software.