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BookkeeperQuote is a simple to use pricing software solution that will change how you charge – forever. In just 30 minutes you can go through the quoting process with your client – be it on the telephone, on a Zoom call or face-to-face.


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Why BookkeeperQuote?

A simple app driven by a simple process

Not only that – when the client’s agreed the quote, you can send through the SLA & engagement letter for e-signature – instantly.

No more scratching your head while trying to come up with your optimum hourly rate. No more searching the web desperately looking for the best way to price your services. And – best of all – no more hourly rates. Start charging what you’re worth. Start recognising your true value as a Bookkeeper. Start streamlining the whole quoting process.

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How does BookkeeperQuote work with Xero and QuickBooks?

Quoting & Estimates

BookkeeperQuote will link to a customer on Xero and QuickBooks by creating a new profile or updating an existing client.

Clients & Customers

Profiles are created on Xero and QuickBooks once you have created the quote or estimate.

New Quotes

Creates or updates a customer and automatically pushes the Quote to Xero/QuickBooks.

Invoicing with ease

Once the Quote is accepted in BookkeeperQuote, you will be able to convert your Quote to an invoice in Xero/QuickBooks.

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Quotes you cancount on

BookkeeperQuote is the brainchild of Number Slayers Ltd. Their vision was for bookkeepers to charge, based on what they are worth, not just an hourly rate.

The idea is beautifully simple. Enter as much information as you can about the job you’re doing and our online pricing software will give you a much better picture of what you should be charging.

The app takes away the headache of never knowing what to charge and giving you the tools to quote on a consistent and more importantly, profitable basis.

Seamless cloudintegration

BookkeeperQuote seamlessly integrates with Xero and Quickbooks. This means you can do more, in less time. Why not start to increase the profitability of your business today.

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