Pricing is obviously a massive area for bookkeepers - possibly the biggest one there is. But of course there are others as well.

We need to focus on client engagement as well – so, as well as being able to deliver a value-based price for your client, we focus on delivering massive customer engagement as well.

After the quote has been prepared, it’s not enough just to give the client the price. With BookkeeperQuote, you can deliver further client management services too. Once the service agreement has been drafted, you can send it to your prospect or client for e-signature. No more sending documents through the post and waiting for them to be returned – the whole process can be streamlined within the software.

How about engaging your client? In BookkeeperQuote we give you a full engagement letter that you can electronically send to your client – further reducing your time when it comes to managing your clients. In fact, engaging your customers has never been simpler.

So after getting the quote exactly right, delivering your price based on the value you can provide your client, you can then seamlessly extend the process by offering the service agreement AND the engagement letter there & then. It’s a super-quick process that will not only impress your client but secure them for you that much quicker. And that can only be a good thing.

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