How does BookkeeperQuote work with Xero and QuickBooks?


Quoting & Estimates

BookkeeperQuote will link to a customer on Xero and QuickBooks by creating a new profile or updating an existing client.


Clients & Customers

Profiles are created on Xero and QuickBooks once you have created the quote or estimate.


New Quotes

Creates or updates a customer and automatically pushes the Quote to Xero/QuickBooks.


Invoicing with ease

Once the Quote is accepted in BookkeeperQuote, you will be able to convert your Quote to an invoice in Xero/QuickBooks.

Here at BookkeeperQuote we recognise that pricing is incredibly difficult. And it’s getting more difficult the more that technology evolves. How can that be?

With the advent of amazing software like Xero & QuickBooks we can deliver a far more profitable, valuable service utilising the time-saving aspects that software like this brings us.

Here at BookkeeperQuote we highly recommend these two excellent packages as we not only want you to achieve the best price possible for your services, but we want you to deliver those services in the most efficient way.

So it’s only right & proper that BookkeeperQuote links to both Xero & QuickBooks.

It’s another part of the process that will streamline your offering even further. Once your quote has been prepared in BookkeeperQuote, you can seamlessly export it to either Xero or QuickBooks.

So after you’ve gone to all the trouble of preparing your quote, you haven’t got to worry about the effort of totally recreating that quote in your cloud accounting software.

At the mere touch of a button, your quote can be raised as an invoice in Xero or QuickBooks, ready for you to receive and match the payments against it, if you so wish.

We really believe BookkeeperQuote is at the forefront of cloud technology for bookkeepers. So we felt it was only right that we linked up with two of the biggest providers in this space.

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