Running a client-focused business, such as accounting or bookkeeping, means sending thousands of engagement letters. Yet this standard practice can use up a lot of your time. How long does it take to generate all the documents and contracts when working with a new client or re-engaging with an old one?

Do you know how to completely automate engagement letters? This could be a game-changer for your business as it can reduce a lot of admin work. Here’s how to turbocharge proposals and onboard old/new clients within just a couple of seconds.

What Does an Engagement Letter Do?

An engagement letter protects you and your client, outlines your responsibilities and reminds both parties of the terms of the agreement. It will state the consequences in case something goes wrong or if either side does not honour the agreement.

Engagement letters include objectives, purposes, the scope of work, deadlines, responsibilities, billing methods, document ownership, plus further details. In other words – this letter sets everything clear in terms of what each of the parties does and how they do it.

A formal letter, email, brochure or leaflet are the most common forms of engagement letter, although a formal letter is the most preferable.

Is an Engagement Letter Necessary?

As a professional accountant, bookkeeper, financial manager, management consultant, auditor or a tax collector, you are required to document with the client the services you provide and the terms of the agreement. The APESB (Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board) obliges certified public accountants to establish clarity when providing their services and document all the terms of the agreement in an engagement letter.

How to Automate Your Engagement Letters

Now, preparing and sending engagement letters is a time-consuming task. Doing this the old-fashioned way can eat up the time you could be using to complete other tasks, which is why you should consider automating this process with cloud-based software.

Get the most out of the developed tools that streamline engagement letters, invoices and proposals. Automation tools can spare you a considerable amount of time. You can gather all client-based data online and create digital engagement letters. An automation tool gives you insights into conversion rates, the number of new client signups, revenues, etc.

Simply put, automating engagement letters can give you more space to focus on other significant tasks instead of the administrative ones and help you to make better decisions.

BookkeeperQuote has also been designed to automate your engagement letters among various of other core features.


If you decide to automate sending engagement letters, you won’t spend as much time gathering, updating and reformatting documents as you did before. This cuts down administration but also makes you appear more professional in front of your clients. If you want to increase profitability and charge what you are worth, BookkeeperQuote that integrates with Xero and QuickBooks can help with running your business even smoother. Contact us for more info!